Houston Campus needing increased lead flow facing strong market competition

MIAT Houston, TX


After reviewing historical data in paid search platforms, data supplied to us regarding downstream metrics such as applications, enrolls and starts, and the school’s website for SEO and CRO best practices, Becker put together a strategy for generating more leads for the Houston campus.

Becker’s goal was to improve ad copy, ad position and bidding strategy, while also optimizing brand and programmatic campaigns based on best practices and internal learnings. We also wanted to improve paid social media campaigns with fresh images, meaningful text and improved targeting based on lead data. Creating a more prominent form, and improvement on rankings for the most important keywords, allowed us to increase the website conversion rate. Additionally, eliminating the spend on pay-per-lead campaigns, that had historically resulted in very few enrollments allowed us to reallocate that budget on the creation of brand awareness which included the launch of CTV, Traditional TV, and Digital Radio campaigns.


By improving awareness through targeted CTV, Digital Radio, and Traditional TV buys we were able to improve the overall website lead flow and reduce the branded CPL on search leads. Constant improvements need to be made to the Paid Search and Social channels in order to maintain lead flow and relevance in the market. Additionally, paying close attention to SEO best practices and constant website improvements paid dividends with increased organic lead flow.

By improving campaign and website performance along with increasing awareness we were able to improve lead flow in the first year by 86%. Followed by increasing lead flow by 126% in 2018, resulting in a 246% increase in lead flow in 2019 compared to the previous agency lead flow in 2016.

Growth in 2017
Growth in 2018
Growth in 2019