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Increasing enrollments for online programs.

CBD College Online


After an extensive audit of CBD College’s marketing strategy, we discovered that they were using a fairly narrow media mix that was limiting the success of their online program enrollment numbers.
We found that the online results struggled due to the lack of awareness of their programs, as their targeting was limited to the local LA market. We also noticed that their paid search ads and bidding strategy were not optimized, which resulted in ads not showing up for their most important search terms. We also felt that there was a missed opportunity with not having COVID-specific messaging highlighting the benefits of their online programs. Additionally, their landing pages were not optimized for mobile and the messaging did not align the advantages of their programs due to the global pandemic.


Becker’s strategy focused on expanding the media mix to platforms such as YouTube, Google Discovery, Social Media Platforms, and trusted Lead Aggregators in order to reach potential students at various points of the marketing funnel. With a heavy focus on Paid Search, we updated the keywords and ad copy, as well as optimized on max conversion value bidding to drive more leads to enrollment status. We also built mobile-friendly landing pages to elevate the customer experience, while also adapting the messaging to COVID-friendly copy highlighting the advantages of their online programs and the ability to earn their degree from home.
With constant and continuous monitoring and strategy changes, Becker was able to increase enrollments by 72% in the first year, while also decreasing the cost-per-enrollment by 54%.

Growth in 1st Year
Decrease in CPE in 1st Year