American Career College

Needed improvement of lead distribution across three campuses and over 10 programs in order to increase enrollments.

American Career College Multiple Campuses


Becker conducted an in-depth analysis of ACC’s historical data in Adwords and Bing, which included reviewing the ad position, impression share, keywords, targeting and geography. Additionally, data from their system was also supplied to us so we could review their downstream metrics, such as applications, enrolls and starts, which allowed us to gain insight on conversion rates by program and student location.


Becker’s strategy to increase lead flow and even distribution of the leads focused on two key factors: (1) precision targeting across all platforms (Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and Display), and (2) Traffic sculpting, which ensures that the correct and relevant ad is shown for each search query within an Adwords account. This is not only an integral part of meeting lead goals, but it requires daily and sometimes hourly tweaking.
In order for Becker to improve the effectiveness of the paid search campaigns, we optimized the brand and programmatic campaigns based on best practices and internal learnings which included an improvement in ad copy, ad position, and overall bidding strategy. We then looked at the paid social media campaign lead data and decided that we needed to change the social media ads using fresh images, meaningful text, and improved targeting methods.
By continually making adjustments we were able to exceed campus and program lead goals year over year from the first year that we started managing this account. Four years later, and we have successfully increased ACC’s enrollments by 150% compared to the previous agency.

Growth in 2nd Year
Growth in 3rd Year
Growth in 4th Year